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Increase your treatment acceptance and your patient base with Loyalty Builder.
In-House Discount Plan
An in-house discount plan can help your practice maintain current patients, attract new patients and increase treatment plan acceptance.
 Exclusivity to Your Practice
Patients who enroll in your in-house discount plan can only access dental discounts at your practice.
 Choose Your Own Discount Level
You can initially choose one discount level to offer patients: 15%, 20%, or 25%
 Low Cost Patient Membership Fee*
  •  15% discount: $89/individual and $139/family
  •  20% discount: $99/individual and $149/family.
  •  25% discount: $109/individual and $159/family.
*charged annually
 Your Discount Plan is Not Insurance
  • This is a discount off your office fees (UCRs)
  • You initially choose the discount level
  • No need to file claims
 Online Patient Enrollment Platform
We create a PCI compliant online patient enrollment platform. Patients can enroll online or with the help of your office staff.
 Membership Fee Distribution
Practices receive 40% of the annual patient membership fee.
 Plan Member Welcome Kits
After a patient enrolls in their plan, we mail them a welcome kit which includes member identification cards with your Practice name listed on each card. This kit contains all the information they need.
 Unlimited Marketing Materials
We design and print custom marketing material for your practice that includes your branding and color scheme. What's the cost? Free!
 Member Services Support Line
Patients can call this Value Smile Plan – branded support line with questions regarding their plan . Our toll-free number is 844-601-SAVE
 Additional Discounts on Vision, LASIK and Prescriptions.
Patients who enroll in your plan can access discounts on vision, LASIK, and prescription drugs.
Patient Education Program
Our Program is designed to help you stay in constant communication with your patients, educate your patients on dental care, treatment planning, managing dental expenses, and understanding dental benefits.
 Patient Education Resource Center
We provide you with an online mobile device friendly Patient Education Resource center. Your custom website will contain monthly patient education articles that can help your patients understand their dental care needs, how their dental insurance works, and how you can help them manage dental care costs.
 Patient Education Newsletters
We email mobile device friendly newsletters to your patients each month. Emails to your patients will contain dental health and dental insurance related content and in an effort to help you continually educate your patients about their dental care needs, how you as their dentist help them maintain their dental health and how you can help them manage dental care costs.
 Incentive Program
We incentivize current and prospective patients to subscribe to your monthly communications. Your subscribers will be entered into a loyalty sweepstakes and have chance to win one of three cash prizes: $1,000, $300, or $200. We implement, manage and cover the cost of the incentive program.
 Social Media Posting
We will post content to your Facebook page on a regular basis. You social media posting will include patient education content, incentive program information and more!

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